Awards Time

It’s always nice when someone passes along an award. Sometimes these things have a whole raft of conditions attached which can be enormously time-consuming though. As such, it’s quite relaxing to get one which is relatively simple to accept and pass on. And that’s the characteristics of the award sent my way by blogger vinnieh today.

This one simply involves displaying the award logo (check), linking back to whoever gave it to you (check), nominating ten others to receive it (see below), and letting those ten know (OK, OK, just gimme a minute!) – and that’s it. Simple.

I’m not sure, but I think the award, mainly due to its name, is supposed to go to WordPress powered blogs. That gave me pause, there are plenty of worthy blogs out there – many I respect and like to visit – that operate on other platforms. On this occasion I’ve left out such sites and concentrated on WordPress ones. Maybe that’s not the correct reading of the award, but it’s the way I’ve chosen to interpret it. Anyway, having got that rationale out of the way, here are my ten worthy nominees:

Twenty Four Frames

Tipping My Fedora

It Rains…You Get Wet

Vienna’s Classic Hollywood


Movie Classics

Lasso the Movies

Only Detect

In Search of the Classic Mystery Novel