A Decade, and counting…

It was exactly ten years ago today that I published my first post, although the domain was a different one back then. While I haven’t been active here for a few months now, the site hasn’t closed (let’s just say it’s been hibernating) and I couldn’t really let this anniversary pass without some acknowledgment.

After 10,000+ comments and approaching a quarter of a million visits, I felt that all those who have taken the time to stop by this place over the last decade, to read and contribute to some fascinating discussions, deserve to be thanked. So, my thanks and appreciation to all of you.

I’ve written about a great many things here and, for one reason or another, some have drawn more attention than others and it’s always particularly gratifying to see a piece grow in popularity. With that, I’ll leave you (only temporarily as I do intend to have this place fully operational at some future point) with links to a list of the ten most read pieces I’ve penned and shared:

1 Ten of the Best – Western Directors (5,272 visits)

2 Ten of the Best – Western Stars (2,555 visits)

3 Monte Walsh (1,886 visits)

4 Three Bad Men (1,799 visits)

5 The Last of the Fast Guns (1,610 visits)

6 7th Cavalry (1,476 visits)

7 The Last Wagon (1,361 visits)

8 Jubal (1,225 visits)

9 The Man from Laramie (1,153 visits)

10 The Hanging Tree (900 visits)