A new LAMB!


I just found out that the site has been accepted as a new member of the Large Association of Movie Blogs. Excellent – the listing is here.

32 thoughts on “A new LAMB!

  1. So,the esteemed Colin is awarded the Order Of The Lamb-so no BAA-HUMBUG here then;
    and that’s the way it should be at this time of year.
    Can I be the only person on The Planet who has never seen THE SOUND OF MUSIC?


  2. Slightly, only slightly off-topic I note from the Lamb site that you name MONTE WALSH as one of the three movies that they ask you to endorse, Colin.
    This is interesting because early in 2014 this film is getting the Blu-Ray treatment from an outfit in Switzerland, I think, called Explosive Media, who seem to be new kids on the block putting out lots of Westerns. Their forthcoming titles are up for pre-order on Amazon Germany. They also have Blu-Rays of a couple of Universal International favorites MAN WITHOUT A STAR and BACKLASH. These two titles seem to be re-masters from original negatives.
    They also have lined up THE REVENGERS a film that I do not have very happy memories of but some folks seem to really like it.

    Since I started seriously collecting DVDs in 2008 which sort of fell in line with my retirement, I have put off getting some of the more prestige titles because 2008 was the dawn of the Blu-Ray era so I thought I would wait until they appeared in that format, though I must admit by
    now I would have thought films like WINCHESTER 73, THE SHOOTIST and NEVADA SMITH would have surfaced to name but three. Not that I have held back on all the greats; but there are some gaping holes in my collection, which I intend to fill over time. MONTE WALSH is a prime example and I will certainly get the
    Blu Ray of this one. I enjoyed your great review of that film Colin, and also more recently WILL PENNY which I hope will surface on Blu-Ray soon. Another film perhaps not as highly regarded as the other two is TOM HORN; this one I feel has been very underrated and I am sure a Blu-Ray will surface over time.
    It’s odd but all three films I have never seen since seeing them at the time at the cinema so seeing them again will be a real pleasure. It’s also odd that William Fraker and William Waird who directed MONTE WALSH and TOM HORN respectively never went on to direct anything much of note while Tom Gries who directed WILL PENNY never made another film anywhere near as good.

    Anyway Colin may I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to Riding The High Country many more times in 2014.

    BTW I really appreciate the fact that you edit my stuff, it sure needs it sometimes!
    BTW (2) I don’t mean edit as in censor…we are talking typos here!


    • John, Monte Walsh is such a wonderful and affecting movie, beautiful in almost every way. I’ve a feeling the film strikes a chord with many others too as it’s my most visited movie review and consistently draws heavy traffic even now, twelve months after I published it.

      I’ve noticed those Blu-ray releases by Explosive that you mention and I’m very interested in them, with the exception of The Revengers. I found that to be a pretty poor movie and have no real wish to revisit it any time soon.

      I also think Tom Horn is a fine western, but I find it a little difficult to watch. The knowledge that McQueen hadn’t that long left saddens me when I see it.

      And let me take the opportunity to thank you too John for all the great contributions to this site all through the year. Here’s hoping you have a peaceful and enjoyable Christmas and New Year.


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