Underrated Westerns

Just wanted to let readers know that Brian at Rupert Pupkin Speaks has been running a feature on underrated westerns recently and getting contributions from various bloggers. Anyway, he asked me if I’d like to submit some for consideration. I was pleased to do so, and you can see my selection here. While you’re there it’s worth looking through the choices others have made – I think the series is a great idea.

16 thoughts on “Underrated Westerns

  1. You were given a difficult chore, Colin. It must have been hard to narrow your choices to just five films. Sad to say I haven’t seen Quantez , but I agree with the others.

    If I were to add five more to your list it would be: Bad Company; Ride the Man Down; The Outcast; Canyon Passage; and From Hell to Texas.


    • Stormy, nice add-on list! I don’t know “Bad Company” but the rest are terrific, I agree. I am one of those people who has expounded at some length in these blogs about “Ride The Man Down”. Such a fine western. Similarly though, I would agree with “The Outcast”, another terrific Republic with John Derek just right in the lead and Jim Davis as his nemesis. Say no more!


      • Thanks Jerry, Bad Company stars a young Jeff Bridges. It is an entertaining little movie.

        The Outcast is worth watching for the horsemanship alone. Slim Pickens and Buzz Henry do their own riding in the film and they are terrific. And Mr. Derek proved that he could ride, too. Director Willilam Witney directed many of Republic’s best chapter serials which were all about action and he later downplayed the music and upped the action in the Roy Rogers films Therefore, it is no surprise that there are excellent action sequences in The Outcast.


  2. I find that blog captivating. I would agree with all your choices except Rio Conchos, which I may have to view again. Best regards.


  3. Wow! thanks for the link Colin.
    I was most impressed by Mr Hal Horns choices;all those great films starring the great Forrest Tucker. Some of that Republic stuff is full of surprises! Mr Horn perhaps should have included the very impressive and truly underrated SAN ANTONE.

    Major Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    In Joe Kane’s wonderful SAN ANTONE Rod Cameron is seeking revenge on Tucker who murdered his father. He Also has to cope with ruthless Southern Belle Arleen Whelan (excellent)
    The ending is a real surprise and just about the most twisted that I have ever seen in a Western. Finally Cameron decides that Tucker is so worthless that he is not even worth killing. Also Cameron, rightly figures that as they are both wretched Tucker and Whelan will ride off in the sunset together (they do) and eventually destroy each other. Talk about revenge is a dish best served cold!


  4. Just as an add on to the above and with reference to Mr Horn and Stormy’s choices it’s very heartening to me to see that there are other fans that appreciate those great Republic A Westerns. The sad thing is no-one is releasing these fine films on DVD;or at least the ones starring Cameron, Tucker and William Elliott.


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