Readers Choice 2

Having tried out this idea before and finding that it proved to be generally popular, I’ve decided to give it another go. Once again I’m letting readers of this site have their say and leaving it up to them to choose the movie that will be featured next. Instead of offering two films with a common actor, as I did last time, I’m switching the focus to a studio. In this case, it’s Hammer Films – best known for their horror output, the studio nevertheless produced pictures in a variety of genres. The options this time are a couple of thrillers from the 1950s: Heat Wave (1954) & The Snorkel (1958). The poll shall remain open until midday on Wednesday, and may the best movie win.

25 thoughts on “Readers Choice 2

    • They’re both entertaining films Michael, but I’m not sure how widely known they are.
      I have a hunch some votes may end up being cast on the basis of which poster appeals the most though!


  1. Not being familiar with either, I voted for The Snorkel. Heat Wave, sure, that sounds like a thriller; but something called The Snorkel? That’s… unusual. Piqued my interest, anyway.


    • Hi Richard – it is an intriguing kind of title for a movie. I reckon both have points in their favor and are worth highlighting – whichever one wins.


  2. The Snorkel for me please, Colin. I love Peter Van Eyck’s sinister performance, and the set-up – whilst more full of holes than a punctured breathing tube – is genius.


      • Hi Colin – sorry I haven’t been around, lots of real-life annoyances trickling through and so few films coming up on TV that (i) haven’t been covered on the site already (ii) have inspired me. I’m thinking of trying something a little different, but in the meantime it’s great to see the quality stuff churning out of the High Country still and inspiring many of my own viewing choices.


        • Mike, I know exactly what you mean – all those real life annoyances are indeed…annoying.

          Whatever you decide on, it’s always been a pleasure to read your stuff and chat.

          Mind you, lately I find I’ve been writing a bit less than usual myself – real life again!


  3. This is a really hard one Colin,I have not seen THE SNORKEL for years but really
    enjoyed it at the time.
    HEAT WAVE is one of the very best of Hammer’s “Noirs” so I am going to go for that one,
    besides,if nothing else it proves Sid James really could act.
    Another of Alex Nicol’s “Brit Noirs” THE GILDED CAGE has just been released by
    Renown in the UK.


      • THE GILDED CAGE is a not bad little thriller,but with all the great titles around at
        the moment I would say its one for the “back burner”
        Much better John Gilling UK thrillers with American leads are THREE STEPS TO THE GALLOWS
        and TIGER BY THE TAIL.


        • Thanks John – I’ll bear that in mind.
          Tiger by the Tail is definitely high up on my wanted list, but I seem to remember reading somewhere that the transfer of Three Steps to the Gallows left a bit to be desired.


  4. Colin, this was a tricky one – I’m no fan of Hammer horror but have been thinking I should check out their noirs. Went for ‘Heat Wave’ because the plot sounds the more intriguing of the two, plus I’d be interested to see Sid James in a non-comic role!


  5. OK, the deadline has passed, the votes are in and it’s time to declare a winner.
    Heat Wave has come out on top with 19 votes to 10 – stay tuned for the write-up.


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