The Killers in HD

As a huge Robert Siodmak fan, I just wanted to pass along the news that Arrow Films in the UK are releasing The Killers on Blu-ray on November 17. It’s up for pre-order on their website here.

For me, it’s an awful close run thing trying to decide whether The Killers or Criss Cross represents Siodmak’s best work. Either way, it’s a terrific and very welcome bit of news.

36 thoughts on “The Killers in HD

  1. You know, Colin, I’ve never been a ‘noir’ sort of chap, but these little nudges are actually improving their lot considerably. I saw The Killers last year (NOT in HD), and Lancaster really did amazing work there. In these times when sources like Criterion are deleting their entire Merchant/Ivory catalogue (including my beloved “The Deceivers”, blast it all), it’s good to see great fillums getting the royal treatment.


    • Noir doesn’t grab everybody the same way, Clayton. This film has a lot in its favor though – a stunning debut by Lancaster, prime era Gardner, and Siodmak at the to pof his game.


    • Arrow usually offer reversible covers on these titles so there should be another option available too. Also, I expect more extras will be announced. Generally, the company has been doing sterling work on its releases.

      And I’ve pretty much reached the conclusion that I like both movies and feel they sit well side by side.


    • That artwork was always strictly temporary – in fact, I insisted on Arrow adding ARTWORK TBC because I knew at the time that we wouldn’t be going with that one. But because I hadn’t then seen Jay Shaw’s original Arrow-commissioned design, I didn’t know which of the many original 1946 posters we’d be featuring on the back.

      (‘The Killers’ had multiple “original posters” thanks to a mid-release attempt at attracting more women to the film by stressing the romantic elements – which, corny and manipulative as this sounds, actually worked!)

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  2. I’m sure there will be a lot more in the form of extras so look forward to finding out what is going to be included. As for which is Siodmak’s best, CRISS CROSS is probably better overall as KILLERS never quite lives up to its extraordinary opening. I love SPIRAL STAIRCASE though


    • Hi, Prashant. Both versions are worth seeing. The Siodmak movie is most faithful to the short story right at the beginning but the Siegel film has lots to recommend it too.


    • Mind you, it works the other way too, with a number of quality movies locked to Region A.
      Do Criterion still have the rights to this? If so, I daresay the US will see a Blu-ray at some point.


  3. Good point, too true. I hope Criterion does, they have been good about rereleasing older films on BD. When I checked Amazon UK for the two Killers, I was hoping they would be region-free, as I do have DePalma’s Obsession in region-free BD from Arrow, but no.


    • Amazon aren’t always all that clear when it comes to Region coding though. I can’t check my own copy – I’m locked to Region B myself so all I know is it plays for me.
      The Beaver’s review of the Siegel version here does say it’s Region B only. I would guess it’s probably a condition of the licensing agreement.


  4. I agree with all the comments above re Siodmak’s great films. Not much between those 2 great ones – “THE KILLERS and “CRISS CROSS” – for me. Love ’em both. I would like to also mention “CRY OF THE CITY” which I really like and which I think shows what a fine, natural actor Victor Mature could be in the right part.


  5. Still recall the first time I caught this one. It floored me. The opening with Willian Conrad and Charles McGraw is one of the best bits in any film noir.

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