Blu News – Two Rode Together

It’s just been announced by Eureka that John Ford’s Two Rode Together will be released as a dual format (Both Blu-ray & DVD) package in March 2017 and will be up for pre-order soon.

The film is a bit of a mixed bag from Ford and not his best work by any means but, as with all his films, there is still much to enjoy, as I noted myself when I wrote a short piece about it ages ago. Regardless of its inherent weaknesses, I’ll be picking up a copy in due course.

22 thoughts on “Blu News – Two Rode Together

  1. Colin- belated Happy Birthday Too! when was it BTW so I
    can make a permanent note of it-your 47th if my memory serves me well-
    I’m crap at remembering Birthdays but not so flaky when it comes to
    ages…I think ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now to the business on hand-there is much to enjoy in TWO RODE
    TOGETHER least of all the opening which is a wonderful parody
    Not major league Ford but not half bad either-a MUST buy especially with
    the stellar job Eureka are sure to do.

    I did ask Jacob at Eureka if there was any chance of releasing any of the
    Boetticher Ranowns on Blu Ray. Jacob replied that these films are very
    high on his radar but the rights are not easy to negotiate.
    In these days of the ever sinking pound the more UK releases the better-
    I wish we had a few more UK imprints as committed as Eureka-their transfers
    extras and booklets are top drawer.


    • Thanks, John, birthday was yesterday and you’re close on the age but no cigar, although my vanity almost persuaded me to let that slide. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Yes, Eureka have done fine work before, and continue to do so, and they are one of those labels where I’m happy to buy blind, that is without waiting to read reviews on transfer quality.


  2. What is encouraging about all this is that several companies
    have arrangements with Sony/Columbia to release the films that
    they are no longer interested in.
    Apart from Eureka-Powerhouse, Twilight Time in the USA and Germany’s Explosive Media
    have on-going arrangements with Sony and of course Sidonis in France are releasing
    many minor but interesting Columbia titles sadly with “forced” subs.

    As I think you have mentioned,elsewhere the Twilight Time releases are very
    expensive,even more so now with the sinking pound.
    I am sure glad that I held back on the TT releases of THE MAN FROM LARAMIE
    and TWO RODE TOGETHER tempting as they were.
    I am very tempted by TT’s forthcoming Blu Ray of EDGE OF ETERNITY
    which I hope will be picked up elsewhere.
    As you know I am a rabid collector of Don Siegel films in high definition.

    Furthermore I have nothing to do with these Spanish “Bootlegs” of USA and
    Euro releases-companies like Eureka need all the sales they can get to
    remain operating
    I’m also looking forward to Explosive’s forthcoming Blu Ray of Mann’s
    THE LAST FRONTIER a film I feel is somewhat underrated by Mann scholars.
    Interesting how Mann (from a 1969 interview) in the Eureka MAN FROM LARAMIE
    booklet states how “hands on” James Stewart was in doing his own stunts.
    He seems to have had little time for Mature who he states was not even happy
    around horses.

    I wonder if anyone may be able to track down the full length version of the most
    atypical Ford film GIDEON’S DAY (USA title GIDEON OF SCOTLAND YARD)
    The UK version ran 118 minutes but the only version available today seems to
    be the USA 91 minute version.


    • Yes, I’d be happy to see The Last Frontier spruced up.
      I’ve seen discussion about the running time of Gideon’s Day elsewhere and it nobody seems to know much about that long version, what it contains hasn’t been confirmed to the best of my knowledge. Of course I may be mistaken as the film has never been a particular favorite of mine and I perhaps haven’t paid as much attention as I could have.


  3. Colin- I understand that GIDEON OF SCOTLAND YARD was also released in the USA in black & white. The version on the Park Circus website is the 91 minute version. Columbia had the habit of releasing several color films in B & W in The States. Another prime example is the Ray Milland vehicle HIGH FLIGHT, which was a considerable hit in the UK. Another Columbia film on the missing list and it’s a pretty darn good one too especially in color and CinemaScope.
    At any rate 2017 looks to be a pretty impressive one regarding releases, albeit a darn expensive one. Here are some of the treats making their Blu Ray debut in 2017:


    All this and the year has not even started yet!

    I second Chris’s sentiment and wish you and all who “ride the high country” a great Christmas and the best of everything in 2017.


  4. May I (rather belatedly) wish you a Happy Birthday too, Colin. And also wish all the other readers and contributors to this great blog a wonderful Christmas and happy and successful New Year. May we all continue to ride the high country together…….


    • It actually looks dull and flat, which is odd for Ford. Of course there is the interplay and interaction of Stewart and Widmark to buoy it up. It’s not anywhere near as bad as Ford himself claimed but it’s one of his weaker works.


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