Major Dundee on Blu-ray

Due in mid-June from Arrow. While the movie has been released in high definition elsewhere before now, this limited edition looks like being a full bells and whistles version. The price isn’t cheap but the list of contents is impressive to say the least:


  • The 136-minute Extended Version of the film from a 4K scan, as well as the original 122-minute Theatrical Version
  • 60-page perfect bound booklet featuring new writing by Farran Nehme, Roderick Heath and Jeremy Carr plus select archive material
  • Limited edition packaging featuring newly commissioned artwork by Tony Stella
  • Fold out poster featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Tony Stella


  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation from a 4K scan by Sony Pictures
  • DTS-HD MA 5.1 surround audio with new score by Christopher Caliendo
  • Lossless original mono audio with original score by Daniele Amfitheatrof
  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing
  • Audio commentary with Nick Redman, David Weddle, Garner Simmons, Paul Seydor
  • Audio commentary by historian and critics Glenn Erickson & Alan K. Rode
  • Audio commentary by historian and critic Glenn Erickson
  • Moby Dick on Horseback, a brand new visual essay by David Cairns
  • Passion & Poetry: The Dundee Odyssey, a feature length documentary about the making of Major Dundee by Mike Siegel, featuring James Coburn, Senta Berger, Mario Adorf, L.Q. Jones, R.G. Armstrong, Gordon Dawson
  • Passion & Poetry: Peckinpah Anecdotes, nine actors talk about working with legendary director Sam Peckinpah, featuring Kris Kristofferson, Ernest Borgnine, James Coburn, David Warner, Ali MacGraw, L.Q. Jones, Bo Hopkins, R.G. Armstrong, Isela Vega
  • Mike Siegel: About the Passion & Poetry Project, in which filmmaker Mike Siegel talks about his beginnings and his ongoing historical project about director Sam Peckinpah
  • Extensive stills galleries, featuring rare on set, behind the scenes, and marketing materials
  • 2005 re-release trailer


  • High Definition Blu-ray (1080p) presentation from a 2K scan

  • Lossless original mono audio

  • Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

  • Riding for a Fall, a vintage behind the scenes featurette

  • Extended/deleted scenes

  • Silent Outtakes

  • Select extended/deleted scenes and outtakes with commentary by historian and critic Glenn Erickson giving context on how they were intended to appear in Peckinpah’s vision of the film

  • Original US, UK and German theatrical trailers

  • Stills gallery

Full info available on Arrow’s site here.

25 thoughts on “Major Dundee on Blu-ray

  1. I will definitely get this. The extras sound amazing. But it is very far from my favourite Peckinpah, too bitter and cynical for me I suspect. But it’s mutilated nature and trying to fill in the blanks does also exert a real fascination. For my tastes, I really hope that one day they release a PAT GARRET with all three versions restored.

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    • I’ll be there as well. The option of having the original soundtrack on the extended version is a very welcome aspect of this release, in my opinion anyway.

      And it’s great to hear from you again, Dafydd!


  2. I know the film is the thing, but I have to say that’s a gorgeous cover, lovely art. Physical media can be wonderful thing, and with bonus feature-heavy releases like this, I’m amazed streaming is even a thing. Really, there’s no contest (but I guess you have to be a film-lover).

    Three commentaries? Gosh. Thank goodness I live in a world where films such as this get releases like this.

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  3. I’ve only ever seen MAJOR DUNDEE on television, many years ago. This edition does look like a must-buy. I have mixed feelings about Peckinpah but I’m starting to appreciate him more after seeing RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY not long ago.

    It might be eccentric of me but I’d like to see JUNIOR BONNER get this sort of treatment on Blu-Ray.


    • I sometimes think Peckinpah is both beneficiary and victim of his reputation and there’s a good deal more to his cinema than the machismo and violence that frequently gets flagged up. Perhaps one of his greatest contributions is the fact he more than anyone else forms the bridge between the classical and the post-classical western.


      • Yes. That’s why I like JUNIOR BONNER – it deals with masculinity and like RIDE THE HIGH COUNTRY it deals with the theme of a man who finds that the world he understands is now gone but it does so without any violence at all.

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        • This is a theme that comes up time and again with Peckinpah and is much more interesting than the more lurid moments in his movies, still the fact is the latter seemed not only to draw the crowds but keep people coming back for more.


    • a few years back kino lorber released a rather wonderful special edition of bonner. I think it can still be found for a decent price in the US. Chris


  4. Without sounding morbid, I see that one of the extras includes an interview with Isela Vega. I still recall seeing her in BRING ME THE HEAD… at the cinema back when it came out. On a sad note, Miss Vega passed this last Feb.


  5. Just started watching the UK mini-series SS-GB based on the Len Deighton book. Deighton of course is the author of the Harry Palmer series of novels. IPCRESS FILE etc. Anyone here seen SS-GB? It was filmed in 2017.



    • I haven’t seen it but seem to recall reading some very negative responses to the adaptation. I have read the novel though, which is excellent and highly recommended. Mind you, I don’t believe I’ve read anything by Deighton I didn’t enjoy.


  6. Colin
    Have only seen the first episode which I found watchable. I guess I’ll find out. As you say, hard to find any Deighton novel that is less than fun.



  7. I got this yesterday and immediately watched the extended cut. The ellisions and inconsistencies are still there of course but the extras go a long way to plugging the gaps. I still think the Durango episode doesn’t really work but must say, this is the first time that I can that I positively engaged with the material instead of just being frustrated by it. The extras really help. And it is mighty purdy as a package 😁


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