I just realized that I’ve passed a small milestone, namely that I’ve recorded over 10,000 visits since moving over to the new site. So, if you’re one of those who have passed through here in the last few months I’d like to say thanks. And keep calling back!


31 thoughts on “10K!

  1. Fantastic stuff Colin – as others have said, it’s fully deserved. Keep up the brilliant work and the consistency, which I know is tougher to manage but I’ve come to expect the weekly post from RTHC in my inbox (and the lottery of whether I’ve seen that week’s film!)…


  2. Congratulations! You’ve introduced me to some movies I didn’t know and reminded me of some that I have forgotten. Another 10,000 hits will not be far down the line.


  3. I am a little late but I would like to join in the chorus of congratulations. Your comments are always interesting and I enjoy your “conversations” with Sergio. Do you mind if I ask whether you have a favourite director in each of the film noir and western genres ?


    • Thanks very much Rod.
      Favourite genre directors? That’s a tough one! Both noir and westerns attracted a lot of talented people, some contributing signigicantly to both, and many dipped in and out. I mean Billy Wilder didn’t make a lot of noir pictures, but what he did make remains classy and memorable.
      If I were to limit myself to what we might term noir specialists, then it would be a toss up between Fritz Lang and Robert Siodmak.
      For westerns, it’s tougher. Maybe a four way tie between John Ford, Sam Peckinpah, Budd Boetticher and Anthony Mann.


  4. I’m late to this post, but congratulations on this milestone. As you know, I’m often late in getting to your posts, once I finally catch up with the film you have written about, but they are always great reads!


  5. WOW, you seem to have developed a good readership over here, Colin, certainly more active than it is for me over at Blogspot – does the site help do you think? Of course, the fact that your stuff is informative and well written (and even enticing considering I’m not personally into westerns myself – some of your western reviews actually make me want to check the film out!) helps immensely!


    • Hi there Paul. First up, thanks.
      Yeah, I’ve got to say I’m pretty happy with the way things have panned out since the move. I’m not sure how WordPress and Blogspot compare – I had a look at blogger before shifting everything but WP just felt more intuitive from a user’s perspective. It allows for very easy interaction with other WP bloggers and the comments system seems to work well. Mind you, I’ve got links to the site all over the place (various fora etc.) so that helps draw in a bit of traffic too. You should try joining up at Roobarbs – apart from being a generally nice place to hang out, there’s a fair few horror/sci-fi fans on there so advertising yourself there might generate a bit of traffic.


  6. I’ve never heard of this Roobarbs thing – I’m guessing you mean the Zeta Minor place? I’ve perused Zeta Minor every now and again for a few years but never noticed it! I used to hang around on the Anchor Bay forum before they steered away from having face to face customer feedback and all that – I did stop using the AB forum and the like as I was getting a bit bored with all the bigheads that seemed to be populating the places! I’ll have a look around Roobarb for a while and get a feel for it.

    I was similarly looking at the idea (which you’ve already been doing) of spreading links around but was building up a bit more of a database before bugging people with my tiny presence. I can honestly say “Riding…” is the best place I’ve seen for noir/western overviews so I think you’ve earned your traffic, Colin.


    • Yeah, Roobarbs is the forum connected to Zeta Minor. It’s the forum I’ve stayed around and posted to most frequently over the years. It’s a pretty relaxed place with a generally good bunch of people posting who are knowledgable without being overbearing.

      And yes, spread those links around – I always maintain a bit of shameless self-publicity never hurt anyone. πŸ™‚
      You’ve got a very good site there Paul, with some fine writing, so boosting your web profile ought to draw in the customers.


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