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Today, I had planned to post one of my usual pieces but as you can see that hasn’t happened. I won’t bore anyone with the mundane reasons – suffice to say that normal service shall be resumed as soon as possible.

In the meantime though, this offers me the opportunity to try out something I’ve had in mind for a while now. I’ve decided to offer readers of this blog the chance to select which film they would like me to write about. That’s correct folks; you get to cast a vote. I’m going to offer a choice of two movies and although I haven’t specified a time limit on the actual poll plugin, I’m going to set one here – let’s say 11pm this Thursday. Whichever movie has received the most votes by that time will be deemed the winner, and will then be written up.

So here goes! You’re getting a choice of two films starring Dana Andrews: the Otto Preminger noir Fallen Angel (1945) or the WWII mystery Sealed Cargo (1951). I do hope people come in and vote on this – it could be a tad embarrassing otherwise – and you’re free to leave any comments you wish. If I’ve set this up properly then it’s only possible to cast your vote once, so ballot stuffing won’t work. Anyway, have at it, and may the best film win!

28 thoughts on “Readers Choice

  1. Gosh, coincidence! I have never seen SEALED CARGO and it was on BBC Tv yesterday and I taped it,haven’t seen it yet. Looks like the votes are for Fallen Angel Which is absolutely fine .
    Great idea,by the way


    • Yes, that was pure coincidence – I had no idea it was just broadcast. Fallen Angel is out in front right now but there’s still a long time to go.
      I’m curious to see how the idea goes down; if it proves popular I’ll try it again in the future.


  2. Have to vote for FALLEN ANGEL as it’s one of my favorite noir titles, with a trio of wonderful actors in the lead roles. Plus some of it was filmed here in nearby Orange, California, here in Orange County.

    Best wishes,


    • Thanks Prashant. This thing still has some time to run, though I’ll grant you it’s not exactly neck and neck right now. 🙂
      As I said to Sergio earlier, not winning here doesn’t mean the movie will be cast into oblivion for all time.


  3. Love Fallen Angel (and of course I’m in love with Linda Darnell) but I’m voting for Sealed Cargo merely by dint of the fact I’ve not seen it and am intrigued.

    Looks like the Fallen Angel crew is riding high at the mo’


    • Hello Giles. Fallen Angel seems to be maintaining its lead, doesn’t it? The reason I put Sealed Cargo up against it is the fact it’s a relative obscurity and might indeed intrigue some people.


  4. I’ve just watched ‘Fallen Angel’ and really liked it, so it got my vote – the moody noir camerawork is amazing. Hoping it wins and looking forward to reading your take, Colin, though I would also be interested to read about ‘Sealed Cargo’ which I haven’t seen.


  5. Hi Colin, great idea,and one that I hope you will repeat from time to time.
    FALLEN ANGEL is the title I will go for as up to now its been off my radar.
    I guess with all the great Fox Noir like CRY OF THE CITY,KISS OF DEATH and so on
    certain titles sort of get lost in the mix.
    The main point of interest for SEALED CARGO for me, is director Alfred Werker who made some
    great genre movies (THE LAST POSSE,HE WALKED BY NIGHT) and needs further analysis.
    By the way the Dana Andrews movie I would really like to hear your take on is CANYON PASSAGE,
    perhaps you already covered that one!


      • I’m with John K on CANYON PASSAGE, one of my favorite Westerns and look forward to reading your view of it sometime.

        I do like Alfred Werker, and like his 50s Westerns, not only THREE HOURS TO KILL with Andrews but especially THE LAST POSSE so that’s another one I see the same way as John K.

        I’ve also seen SEALED CARGO and recall liking it, not near as much as FALLEN ANGEL though.

        But hasten to add that even if I like Werker, HE WALKED BY NIGHT is generally felt to be mostly (or at least much of it) directed by Anthony Mann, though I haven’t read any specifics of which director started it and which one finished.


        • I do intend to write something about Canyon Passage – just can’t say exactly when – as it’s such a fine piece of work by Tourneur, and all involved.

          I’ve never been able to discover exactly who directed which parts of He Walked by Night either, although I too get the impression that Anthony Mann’s input was quite substantial.


  6. By the way Colin,…….a little bit off-topic but the Spanish Sony imprint Columbia Essential Classics,
    have a very interesting Dana Andrews/Alfred Werker Western as a June release.
    THREE HOURS TO KILL.This is a top notch little programmer that I think you will enjoy,
    if you do not already have the Sony MOD.
    They have also announced GUNS OF FORT PETTICOAT which again is highly recommended.
    The quality of the transfers I have purchased so far in this series have been first rate.


  7. Its kinda strange but my obsession with B movies sometimes means that class A films,
    escape my radar;FALLEN ANGEL being a prime example.
    A friend phoned last night and I ran this title by him and he mentioned that it is one of
    his all time top ten movies;now I am really interested.This fellow has great taste in films
    though we do differ on loads of stuff,but thats the way it should be.
    New “discoveries” are what make film collecting so worthwhile,though it would seem that I
    should have checked out this film many years ago!


    • John, I think the experience you describe is pretty the case with all of us. It really is impossible to be familiar with everything so gaps have to be expected. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve come across people, self-confessed film fans, who own up to never having seen far higher profile titles than the one we’re discussing here.


  8. Well, the deadline’s passed and I’ve closed the poll. It’s time to announce the winner – Fallen Angel came out on top, 30 votes to 17.
    My thanks to everyone who participated by voting or commenting. A review of Fallen Angel will follow soon.


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