Readers Choice 4


I haven’t run one of these polls for a while now so I thought I’d resurrect the idea and throw the decision of what movie will be featured next open to the readers. The options this time are Joseph H Lewis’ A Lawless Street (1955) or Richard Fleischer’s The Narrow Margin (1952) – a western or a film noir. The poll will stay open until 23.59 Wednesday and the winner will be written up some time afterwards. Take your pick, people…

8 thoughts on “Readers Choice 4

  1. Both please, Colin, in due course! My vote to go first went to the noir though. I have actually seen both these films quite recently so there will be extra resonance for me. Like the idea.


  2. I voted for A LAWLESS STREET but am one more person here who loves both films and hopes that you will write on both at some point. You did make this extremely even this time, so a tough choice but that means it will be fine no matter how it turns out.


  3. Hmm, a dead heat at this early stage. I do hope to see a clear winner but if it should remain tied 50/50, then I guess I’d have to do the decent thing and feature both of ’em. Nice to see some solid support for both anyway.


  4. The poll has now closed with A Lawless Street the clear winner, taking just a shade over 60% of the votes cast. An article on that film will appear shortly. Watch this space…


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