Forty Guns – Upcoming Blu-ray


Fans of Sam Fuller should be very pleased to see that Forty Guns, his 1957 western starring Barbara Stanwyck, Barry Sullivan and Dean Jagger, is coming in a dual format (Blu-ray/DVD) edition from Eureka in June as part of their Masters of Cinema line. More details on their website here. I’m looking forward to this.

24 thoughts on “Forty Guns – Upcoming Blu-ray

  1. Yes, this should look terrific. Another one for the (growing) list…..

    BTW, Colin, “KID GLOVE KILLER” comes out on the 12th of next month. Another recommended little movie.


  2. In addition to being an egocentric and subversive western FORTY GUNS is funny as hell. I did not realize what “phallic symbol” meant until I saw this film. Wonderfully eccentric characters. I like the interaction between Eve Brent as the gunsmith and Gene Barry. And then there’s dialog like this:

    Jessica Drummond: I’m not interested in you, Mr. Bonnell. It’s your trademark.
    [gestures at his gun, purring]
    Jessica Drummond: May I feel it?
    Griff Bonnell: Uh-uh.
    Jessica Drummond: Just curious.
    Griff Bonnell: It might go off in your face.
    Jessica Drummond: I’ll take a chance.

    There are a number of memorable and acutely visual moments.


  3. Richard – yes, the scene you describe almost made me fall on the floor. Very typical of Fuller’s unsubtle, brass-knuckle approach to writing. (I mean that as a compliment, BTW)


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    • It’s by no means a conventional film, and that should be kept in mind. Stanwyck is fine, as always, and Sullivan is on good form too. If you go for Fuller’s quirky, antagonistic style, then there is a lot to enjoy in the movie.
      Actually, I must get round to doing a full piece on this film.


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