Scorsese, Republic & MoMA

Just been made aware of this event  in February (with a follow-up scheduled for the summer) which highlights the restoration of the Republic Pictures library. Some of the names featured, and indeed the studio itself, will be well known and equally well regarded by regular visitors to this site. For instance, there’s Frank Borzage, George Sherman, Allan Dwan, Joe Kane, William Witney and others. Sounds great – more here.

15 thoughts on “Scorsese, Republic & MoMA

    • Indeed. While the event itself, with the titles & personnel featured, is out of my reach, and that of many people, I’m enthused by what’s behind it all; the restoration of the studio’s frequently neglected films (by Paramount no less!) and the involvement of a high profile name like Scorsese. I think/hope it bodes well for the possibility of seeing some barely remembered films in the future.


      • My optimism is decidedly cautious but hope springs eternal.

        Having watched the trailer for this event I was able to spot (in glorious clarity) both Bill Elliott and Rod Cameron several times. I think “HELLFIRE” was definitely one of the films and if some of the other elusive Republic ‘A’ westerns starring Elliott became available that would be fantastic. Similarly, if glorious transfers of Cameron’s “THE PLUNDERERS” & “RIDE THE MAN DOWN” showed up later as DVDs and BluRays then that would be a great cause for celebration.

        We shall see……


  1. Additional Blu Ray News.

    Colin,I have just posted this over at Toby’s but I thought
    I would mention it here as well.
    Some interesting new Blu Ray’s announced from Germany
    Koch Media
    THE INDIAN FIGHTER (also out on USA region A from Kino.)

    Explosive Media
    THE WORLD IN HIS ARMS (Raoul Walsh sea saga)
    SHOWDOWN (1973) Somewhat underrated Western
    with Rock Hudson and Dean Martin. Stunning scenery and
    equally stunning Susan Clark

    Very excited about the Aldrich film.
    Hats off to Explosive for beating Kino to the draw on this one
    especially as Kino are on a real Lancaster kick at the moment.


    • Apache and The Indian Fighter, two films my dad took me to see, and they have stayed favourite westerns since then. I still have The Indian Fighter Movie classic comic bought way back then, only one shilling.
      So that’s good blu ray news from John K.


  2. Wow ! The quality of the film clips look great on the Republic Rediscovered trailer. Hope we don’t have to wait too long for the DVD/Blu ray discs.


  3. The artwork for the Koch releases of APACHE and
    THE INDIAN FIGHTER are up on
    they have Koch’s usual attractive digipak packaging and THE INDIAN
    FIGHTER artwork in particular is very appealing.
    It would be interesting to see how the Koch version compares
    to the Kino release which was far from perfect-THE INDIAN FIGHTER
    is one of those Westerns with “issues” regarding the color and I
    might add that the Kino version was a huge improvement over the DVD.
    The Koch version,of course will not have the commentary by our
    friend Toby Roan,which was very fine indeed.

    Just got Powerhouse/Indicator’s latest newsletter and there is a “teaser”
    for their first Western release in May….perhaps they have been
    following RTHC.
    It looks like a scene from WINCHESTER’73 but it isn’t.
    It looks like Lee Van Cleef,but I cannot place the movie-
    any RTHC regulars got any ideas?


  4. The Boetticher Box set on Blu Ray would be more than a
    dream come true.
    Cannot believe I never recognized Claude Akins in Indicator’s
    teaser pic I hope Jerry never reads this…I’ll never live it down 🙂
    For some reason in the shot he looks like Lee Van Cleef….
    that’s my excuse anyway.
    Returning to Republic R.G.Springsteen’s somewhat subversive
    SINGING GUNS is on Kino’s Facebook page…commentary
    by our pal Toby.


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