Blu News – More Lang on the way!

I’m delighted to see listings appearing online for a new Blu-ray/DVD combo release for Fritz Lang’s 1954 film Human Desire.  I reckon this is an underrated movie and am pleased to see UK boutique label Eureka including it in their Masters of Cinema line in February. It’s a welcome follow up to their January slate of Laura and Hush… Hush, Sweet Charlotte.

12 thoughts on “Blu News – More Lang on the way!

  1. This is very good news, Colin. I have the R2 dvd from Palladium which presents a less than ideal print and no extras so I’ll be pleased to upgrade this one. A very atmospheric Fritz Lang noir with the three stars at their best.


    • Ian, there was a US release (which I have) of the film as part of one of the Sony noir sets from a few years ago. I t wasn’t a bad presentation by any means but an upgrade like this is most welcome.


  2. Great news. And ultimately it would also be nice to have a UK Blu of the Renoir original, LA BETE HUMAINE, too (the French Blu apparently looks great but is not English friendly). Would love if more French Noir were available here, though quite a few French releases do have English subs.


      • Canal did put out a decent edition of GRISBI not too long ago and Arrow has released some terrific movies but I’d like to see a lot more Gabin released in special editions here. At least his Maigret movies!


        • There’s a smattering of stuff to be sure but, as you say, there is plenty more as well. Mind you, I have to admit I find it hard enough to keep up with what is out and on the way – the pockets aren’t as deep as was once the case.

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  3. About the movie……I just viewed a pretty crisp download on Google YouTube. Very atmospheric direction by Lang. It’s a don’t miss……especially if you like the sultry Miss Grahame turn on her inherent persuasive charms.


    • …especially if you like the sultry Miss Grahame turn on her inherent persuasive charms…

      Indeed. I can’t imagine there are many who don’t like those aforementioned charms, Scott.


  4. Most of Lang’s Hollywood work is underrated. For example I’d heard terrible things about Ministry of Fear but it’s an excellent movie. Secret Beyond the Door often gets a bad press as well.

    His westerns are very under-appreciated. So many people think he was forced to make westerns but actually he loved the genre.


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