Some info on a Sam Fuller movie sought…

A brief request here. Someone just contacted me in relation to Sam Fuller’s feature debut I Shot Jesse James, which I wrote about over a decade ago, to see if I could help. What it amounts to is this – the guy says his late stepfather was one Robert W Gardner, who maintained he was a writer on Fuller’s movie. The man has been dead since the 1960s and the online links seem to point to a different Robert Gardner, someone who was directing films into the 1980s.

Anyway, my correspondent is seeking information and has hit a brick wall so I thought I might as well throw the question out there on the off chance any of the visitors to the site, and some of you are very well informed, can shed light on this.

2 thoughts on “Some info on a Sam Fuller movie sought…

  1. Colin, as we know IMDb isn’t infallible. Has this gentleman attempted to contact Christa Lang Fuller; Sam Fuller’s widow; Samantha Fuller, Sam’s daughter; or Samira Fuller, his granddaughter? They are filmmakers in Los Angeles, California. If he hasn’t tried to contact them, he should. Here is their address and phone number: Chrisam Films, Inc.
    7628 Woodrow Wilson Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90046
    Phone: (323) 874-3700

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