Another Anniversary

It’s exactly seven years ago today that I put up my first post on the now defunct FilmJournal site. Although my output at this place has slowed to something of a trickle of late, I didn’t want to let the occasion pass without a mention. I hope to get back to writing a bit more regularly as soon as possible, time permitting of course. Anyway, in the meantime, let me just say thank you to all the visitors and movie-lovers who have helped keep this site going – there’s been some vibrant and informative chat over the years, and that’s what really forms the heart of the place.

26 thoughts on “Another Anniversary

    • Cheers, Ted. And thanks for posting that link – I’ve never seen that before. As you say, one of the great things about blogging is the info like this that comes your way.


  1. I only discovered the world of “blogging” about my favourite movies a matter of months ago but it has become a real source of pleasure in my life. Your blog is one of the absolute highlights. Many congratulations, Colin. Keep ’em coming!


    • That’s really kind of you, Judy. Especially since you run such a fine place yourself.
      I just wish I had the time (and the energy) to post a bit more often at the moment.


  2. Bravo, I enjoy your posts, always learn something new abut movies and writing, and I truly appreciate the support you’ve given me & my blog too. May you have many more blog years ahead. Cheers


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