Underrated Thrillers

Earlier this year I contributed a list of underrated westerns to Brian’s site Rupert Pupkin Speaks. It was kind of fun thinking about and compiling those titles and I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to submit another selection. This time it’s underrated thrillers – I’ve written about all of them at one time or another on this blog, some of them a good few years ago now, but you’ll need to pop over to Brian’s place here to see which ones I settled on. Please have a look when you get the chance.

18 thoughts on “Underrated Thrillers

  1. THE RIVER’S EDGE is the only one of the five that I have seen! It’s an excellent film, both visually and dramatically. There are a lot of gems in this last decade of Allan Dwan.

    Have taken note of the four British ones, as with anything you give a push to, and will look forward to seeing those some time.


  2. I have not seen any of the above. Before reading your article, I expect one of the above to be, Run For The Sun. Anyhow, will try to get them soon. Best regards.


    • Chris, I think a lot of British thrillers of this period are neglected somewhat and I wanted to highlight a handful of those which gave me a good deal of viewing pleasure. Also, Dwan hasn’t received anything like the attention the quality of his work deserves.


  3. Terrific list, Colin. When I read your opener which describes you and your connection to classic films I thought, apart from the first two sentences which are personal, the rest describes my own connection perfectly too!
    As for the films – these are all not only familiar to me but are also personal favourites. The one I know least is the Allan Dwan and your review makes me want to re-view it NOW. I heartily second your reviews of the four British thrillers and commend them to all who enjoy a rewarding and gripping watch. Well worth seeking out.


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