More Underrated Movies…

Having submitted a few of these lists in the past, I’ve passed another one along to Brian at the Rupert Pupkin Speaks site. This time it’s a selection of underrated movies from 1956. My picks can be viewed here, and the image above is a clue to one of them.

19 thoughts on “More Underrated Movies…

  1. I’ll be leaving a comment over at Rupert on your fine choices, Colin, but just to say how delighted I am to see a new entry on RTHC. Hopefully, just the (re) start!!

    All the best,


  2. Nice picks and always liked Aldrich’s work and Attack a fine film. It’s a great example as well of how director’s love to use a group of actors repeatedly as many of these guys will be associated with Aldrich over the course of their careers. I haven’t seen The Green Man but would like to. Thanks for the tip.

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    • Thanks, Mike. Definitely keep a look out for The Green Man as it’s highly entertaining.
      And yes, Aldrich did build up something of a stock company, something that certainly seemed to be a trait of a number of directors.

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